meet the little bird

So who is this Little Bird anyway? I thought it was about time I made a proper introduction.

boho picnicI’m Ebby and Little Bird is my dream. Since I was a little girl I loved to plan (I was known as a little bossy boots back then – actually I’m still known as a bit of a bossy boots) but really, it was the beginnings of a career in management and organisation.

My background is in the corporate world where I had the opportunity to be part of event execution for over 15 years. As an ex governance professional I have extremely high attention to detail so being on event committees and ensuring things go off without a hitch was a natural fit for me. I also love socialising and meeting new people!

A few years ago, when my son was still very little, I decided to go part time to spend more time with family (kids grow up too fast!). Having time away from the office meant I could focus on my creative side as well and I felt like it was time to take a little leap of faith and start my own events business.

Thus, Little Bird hatched! With the help of my husband and little sister, we scoured vintage and thrift stores for unique pieces and started putting together an inventory of beautiful picnic supplies. Over the last 18 months that collection has taken over our home, garage and the shed out the back and contains some of the most amazing rugs, cushions, lanterns and props I could ever have dreamed.

The business was slow to start but word began to spread in our local community and around Sydney and now we are booked most weekends and have a list of beautiful clients (and new friends!).

My husband and sister still help out now and then but Little Bird is my baby and it’s me you will deal with from start to finish. I get so much joy from seeing a client approach their picnic, knowing I’ve been able to be part of a special occasion and create their dream set up.

Little Bird works alongside some other amazing picnic providers in Sydney and we all support and cheer each other on. It’s such a wonderful community to be part of. I could never have dreamed that my “competitors” would become such a big part of my own business and journey.

The future is so bright for Little Bird and I am so excited about what’s to come. I am now working full time in the business after taking a leap of faith and leaving the corporate world behind in 2020!

Check out our Signature Picnics and contact us now to book in your next event. I can’t wait to meet you xxx

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