Little Bird picnics are luxurious, generous and totally Instagram worthy, but the best part is, we do EVERYTHING. You don’t have to worry about a thing. Our list of inclusions and optional extras is the biggest in the biz. 

Little Bird is also the only picnic provider in Sydney to offer buy now, pay later with Afterpay so you don’t have to compromise on your picnic due to upfront costs.

Our pricing is the same regardless of which picnic type you choose and is tiered depending on your group size. Pricing below is for full service picnics*, please contact us for a quote if you are after something more bespoke.

GuestsPrice inc GST
Up to 5$500
31+$66 per head

The above prices do not include catering and exclude any fees/permit costs which may be charged by your venue and/or park and council fees.

Delivery, set up and pack up is included for Greater Sydney (excluding Western City District). Delivery fees may apply outside this area.

* Surcharge of $25 per head applies for our Seated Picnic.