Pandemic Rule Gatherings

COVID-19 has changed the world and celebrating during the pandemic can be tricky. Restrictions can be complicated and hard to understand, they can change from day to day and fines for breaking the rules are pricey.

We expect restrictions on social gatherings will be in place for some time to come. Our packages below are in line with the most current rules on Social Gatherings.

Currently up to 2 people from different households (or all members of one household) can gather outdoors in a public place for “recreation”.

From 3 September wedding ceremonies can proceed for the Bride and Groom with a total number of 5 guests plus the providers you need to hold the ceremony (photographer, celebrant). Guests do not need to vaccinated but must maintain the rules of their LGA regarding travel to the venue. Receptions are not currently permitted.

From 14 September up to 5 fully vaccinated people from different households (but from the same LGA) will be able to gather outdoors in a public place for “recreation”.

Please check the rules for your LGA as they may differ from the above which are in place for Greater Sydney (excluding LGAs of concern).

Recreation Rule Picnics

Lucky for us all, “recreation” includes picnicking!

An all inclusive Pop Up picnic for 5 people is $650 and includes:

  • custom made low lying picnic tables
  • luxe rugs
  • 1 x signature chair or lounge & side table
  • 1x cushion per guest
  • 1x dinner plate per guest
  • 1x champagne flute/coupe OR wine glass per guest
  • 1x water glass per guest
  • 1x knife and fork per guest
  • 1x soft cotton napkin per guest
  • styling décor
  • floral arrangements (dried)
  • Picnic platter for 5
    • 5 cheese, 4 freshly sliced charcuterie, Lavoush crackers, hummus, quince paste, nuts, fresh fruit, Peanut brownie, polenta cakes, white chocolate strawberries and dark chocolate bark (vegetarian option available)

Optional extras:

  • Peacock chair (+ $88)
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Market umbrellas
  • A selection of 3 small lawn games (large games package + $385)
  • Fresh florals +$55 per arrangement
  • Ice buckets (ice +$6 per bag)
  • Beverages
    750ml Chandon – $30
    Rose – La Vielle Ferne  – $18
    Audrey Wilkison Semillon – $20
    750ml San Pellegrino – $7.50