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The most important part of planning any event is having a vision. It will make everything easier from sourcing supplies to picking a venue. With a clear vision of what you want the event to look and feel like, you narrow your focus and cut out all the noise.

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A Design Board, commonly referred to as a “mood” or “inspiration” board is a collection of images that evoke the style or theme you want for your event. It’s a great way to start bringing your vision to life, it’s also extremely helpful to share with any vendors and even friends and family who may be working with you to ensure you’re on the same page.

The images you put together should represent your main ideas, using a coherent colour scheme and tone. Keep it personal to you, add touches that are unique and meaningful. Pinterest boards are great but you don’t want to simply be copying someone else’s special moment. Create your own story.

If it’s your wedding you’re planning, it’s important to sit with your partner and ensure both of you are represented individually and as a couple. Talk about what’s important to you, what are you passionate about and what special moments can you represent through the style and vibe of your big day.

Whatever your personality and taste, between creating your Design Board either on your own or with your stylist, you are sure to discover your own unique style and create an event that is authentic and unique.


Great apps for creating your Design Board: Canva, Moodboard (available on iPhone and Android).

PowerPoint and Word are great programs to use if you prefer the computer and you don’t have to learn any fancy new skills. Just copy and paste the images you like.

Paint swatches from the hardware store are great for helping convey your colour scheme and they’re FREE!

How we can help

All the events we curate start with a Design Board. This helps us get on the same page as you and gives you the confidence that we understand your vision.

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