About the birds

Since we were little, birds have had a special meaning to us.

As kids from the Northern Tablelands of NSW, our holiday destination was the mid-north coast, about 4 hours drive from home. Those long car trips were spent listening to mum’s favourite albums (if we could hear anything with all the windows down because we didn’t have an air conditioned car!). Her favourite was Bob Marley and the Wailers, Legend. What an album.

bob marey

Three Little Birds became one of our all time favourite songs (along with pretty much every other song on that album) and to this day remains our Summer anthem. When the crisp winds of Spring turn into warm breezes of Summer and the palm trees in the back yard get that particular sway, Bob and the little birds are there to welcome in Summer.

“Singin’ don’t worry about a thing, because every little thing is gonna be alright…”

The soundtrack of a single mum taking her wayward kids on holiday in a beaten up old car that didn’t always make the trip in one go, became the anthem of our lives, and the inspiration for our brand. Thanks mama, thanks Bob.

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